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Transflex plastic strip doors

The Transflex plastic strip doors are used in storage and production premises of shops and industrial enterprises, cool and cold warehouses, porches of loading premises, etc.

The Tranflex plastic strip doors prevent cold air from entering, insulate dust, humidity and noise. They are safe owing to good transparency and soft strips.

Structure of the Transflex plastic strip doors:

The strip door consists of two transparent layers of Transflex strips laid on top of one another. The layers are stratified mostly within 50 or 100%. The sizes of the strips and the percentage of their stratified position are selected according to the intended use of the door and the height of the opening.

The strip door can be mounted both inside the opening and on the opening. When mounting on the opening, 20 cm is added to the width and 10 cm to the height.

The strip door can also be made to be pushed to the sides; in that case there has to be room next to the door within the entire width of the door.

Recommended widths and stratified position of the strips according to the height of the opening:

Height of the opening up to 2,500 mm L 200 100%

3,500 mm L 300 50%

5,000 mm L 300 100%

Prices of the Transflex plastic strip doors from 465.-/m2 + 18%

A formula for calculating the mass of the strip door:

mass kg = k × B × h,

where B – width,

h – height,

k – coefficient depending on the width and percentage of the stratified position of the strips:

4.7 strips in the case of L 200 / 100%

5.5 strips in the case of L 300 / 50%

7.1 strips in the case of L 300 / 100%

Delivery date approx. 1 week, 2 weeks in the case of the strip door to be pushed to the sides.

The warranty is 1 year.


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