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Textile curtains

Textile curtains in various forms and purposes are  simple and economical  way to remodel a house or improve the rooms you work or live in. Textile curtains reduce heat loss in the winter and help avoid overheating of the room in the summer , they provide privacy and protect furniture, wallpaper and carpets against direct sunlight.

Our consultants help you to find suitable solutions for your needs, to specify useful details which should be taken into account: window sills, knobs and handles, radiators, window openings, or setting of the planned furniture. If necessary, the home visitation and additional measuring can be arranged with designers. 

When choosing colors and patterns of curtain fabrics, it’s vise to keep in mind what could be currently in fashion or make your decision based on functionality and mood for the room you’re currently decorating. We keep an optimal selection of curtain fabric samples regularily in our salon and we do offer an added value with high-quality fabrics and sewing services. 

In addition to the usual voille or side curtains there are still popular types also Roman Blinds and Panel Blinds. According to your desire there is always a possibility to combine a variety of window coverings – such as roller blinds or pleated blinds with side curtains and for that  we have in  offer  a large selection of curtain rods and accessories to assist you with your ideas.


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