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Terrace awning FINESS

The terrace awning FINESS is designed to protect external terraces both in homes and cafés. The patented adjustment system of the angle of inclination allows to change the angle of inclination of the fabric without using any tools and keeps the front profile straight also after strong winds.

The front profile is equipped with a level in order to render the levelling of the shutter easier after changing the angle of inclination. The double springs located in the articulated bars keep the fabric tight even if the fabric is wet. The supports and device of the angle of inclination are made of extra strong compact pressed aluminium. All the metal parts used are from stainless steel.

The profiles of the awning are from anodised aluminium.

The biggest width of the awning is 7 m and extent 3.5 m.

The recommended lowering angle of the awning is 30 cm per meter of extent.

A crank drive or electric drive can be selected to control the terrace awning.

The electric drive can be equipped with climate automatics.


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