AR40 40x9mm

Safety Blinds AR40

The Safety Blinds AR40 are suitable for use for protecting door and window openings from vandalism. Since the profile of the safety Venetian blind is hollow inside and filled up with polyurethane foam, it offers good protection also from noise, cold and heat.

The Safety Blinds AR40 are designed for using in the case of small and medium sized openings on premises with a minor vandalism risk. The biggest width in the case of the profile AR40 is 2,800 mm, the total surface area of the curtain should not exceed 7 m2.

More widespread places of use are small windows and doors, service counters in canteens, cafés, medical institutions, etc. A belt, crank or electric drive is used to control the AR40. The electric drive can be triggered with a rocker switch, key switch or remote control.


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