Mini cassette rollerblind

The mini cassette rollerblind mounted on the window frame is almost unnoticeable and comprises an integral unit with the window. The mini cassette is almost part of the window, the windowsill can be easily used and it is not necessary to raise the rollerblind when opening the window, as it is in the case of the rollerblind mounted in the window opening or on the wall.

The mini cassette rollerblind is equipped with a roll cover and side strips. The roll cover protects the roll of the fabric from dust, the side strips keep the fabric pressed against the window frame when opening the window, thus preventing it from flapping in the wind. The curtain is operated by pulling a ball chain, while a break built in the chain mechanism ensures the persistence of the fabric at a desired height. The rolled up fabric can be retracted entirely in the cassette.

The wide choice of fabric of monotonous and patterned fabrics by AS Veepisar renders an opportunity for diverse interior design. When wishing to restrict the view, dim the room or save energy emanating through the glass, fabrics can be selected based on the said factors.


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