FP-wooden folded doors

The FP-wooden folded doors allow using a room for several purposes, by dividing it into smaller parts. They can be used in homes, hallways, conference rooms, restaurants and elsewhere.

The quality and lasting folded doors and partitions consist of lamellas connected with joints. All the parts – lamellas, hinges, wheels and control rail – are designed compatible. The wheels with the closed ball bearings with the nylon covering, together with the aluminium control rail, comprise a smoothly moving and silent unit.

Technical data:

Surface cover materials of the lamellas:wooden veneer: oak, birch, beech, pine, ash, teak, walnut, etc, painted laminated folded doors with colourless styrene or genuine glass.

Construction:Aluminium control rail with slot slats of the hue of the door veneer

Nylon coated wheels with closed, permanently lubricated ball bearings

Spring joints to connect the lamellas. Wooden handles and spring locking as standard equipment.

Additional equipment:Abloy 3276 lock

Two-part door (opening to both sides)


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