FENDOOR swing doors

FENDOOR swing doors

* prevent cold air from entering and save energy
* insulate dust, humidity and noise
* are safe owing to good transparency
* allow thermally comfortable working conditions near the door

Typical places of use

* storage and production premises of shops, industrial enterprises
* cool and cold warehouses
* food industry enterprises
* porches of loading premises

FENDOOR swing doors have excellent properties. The construction and manufacturing materials are of high quality. A unique framework construction and fastening method of the door sheet ensure air tightness, lightness and longevity. The manufacturing program includes a wide range of doors and every measure practically available. The materials used also conform to the high hygiene requirements of the food industry, both concerning their properties and washability.

The self-closing swing doors are only open when used. They cut down heating costs and protect from cold and draughts. Working comfort will increase and transporting will be faster.

FENDOOR swing doors are suitable for moving with a loader, fork or roller lift truck and on foot. Conveyor belts and guiderails can also be built through the swing doors.

FENDOOR swing doors are safe owing to their elastic door leafs and they protect from draughts better than an air curtain.


The construction of the FENDOOR swing doors was developed based on manufacturing and using experiences of more than 15 years. Product development has taken place in cooperation with users and taking into account their requirements.

FENDOOR swing doors have a few advantages compared to the other usual swing doors. The bearing framework of this door leaf consists of a strong anodised aluminium profile, which incorporates a maintenance-free shutter. The torque of the door is easily adjustable without removing the door.

The mass of the framework is only half a framework made of profile steel by welding, while no concessions were made concerning strength or rigidity.

A decrease in inertia owing to lightness lowers the load and wear and tear applied to the hinges and door leaf, especially when using loaders. The door framework has a smooth surface and is easily cleaned and does not corrode. It can also be delivered covered with a thin stainless steel sheet, if need be. The swing spring mechanism and the hinges mounted on the surface are from galvanised steel in the case of a standard delivery. They can also be delivered made of hot galvanised or stainless steel.

Door leaf constructions

L Transflex L

K Transflex K (in cold stores)

V Transflex V

MLM Texaflex upper part, Transflex L window strip and Texaflex lower part, the standard height of which is 1,200 mm. Window strip height adjustable.

MI Texaflex sheet with Transflex L windows. The standard height of the lower edge of the window is 1,200 mm. Window size adjustable.

LM Transflex L upper part and Texaflex lower part, the standard height of which is 1,200 mm

Angle of opening

The standard FENDOOR swing door opens at least 90° to both directions, depending on the thickness of the doorjamb/wall. The door is delivered also with an angle of opening of 90°/180°, if need be.


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