Classic roller blind

The Classic roller blind consists of fabric attached to a tube, a control mechanism and fastening brackets.

The Classic roller blind can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or in the window opening. There are over two hundred patterns and hues in the selection of fabric, including also screen fabrics reflecting sunlight, dimming and transparent ones.

A chain mechanism, spring mechanism or electric drive can be used to control the Venetian blinds. There is a remote control to control the rollerblind with the electric drive. Several rollerblinds can be controlled with one remote control, both conjointly and separately.

The rollerblinds from screen fabric are also suitable for use in external conditions, where the qualities of the fabric are also better displayed. Screen fabric in essence does not obstruct the view, while stopping up to 95% of the UV radiation of the Sun, is fire-resistant and lasts ~20 years.


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